Right-Now Recruiting & Expertise Scouting

Recruiting is changing.

Driven by the relentless opening up of information and the socialistion of technology, people sourcing is increasingly a case of what you know as opposed to who you know.

Personal networks are not personal anymore.  They’re social.

Information about people, competitors, markets and products – once considered part of an individual’s personal knowledgebase – is now a commodity.  The web has changed the way we use and value information.

It was against this backdrop that we developed our recruiting methodology.  Called Right-Now Expertise Scouting, we use a range of tools and technologies to scour, crawl, twist and bend the web, delivering candidates to complex, hard-to-fill vacancies when you need them.

We don’t rely on old, out-dated lists or databases of people.  Instead, we assess your vacancy, figure out where suitable candidates are likely to be, use our tools to identify the a-graders and then present your vacancy to the target pool.

We take advantage of the socialistion of information to scout  in real-time, on a vacancy-by-vacancy basis, in a Right-Now fashion.

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