Expertise Identification & Pipelining

Are you:

- A tech start-up or small company looking to hire but finding both the process of identifying expertise and/or the costs of agency fees difficult to manage?
- Working to a tight recruiting deadline but struggling to attract people to a niche job using your normal advertising process?
- Looking for help with a slightly different project that you requires external expertise, but not necessarily looking to hire someone full-time?
- Looking to hire a number of people over a period of time, but don’t want to pay repeated introduction fees?
- Don’t have the time and/or resources to advertise your need in right places, and fed up of the response quality when you do?

If this sounds like you, then our Expertise Identification & Pipelining team can help.

What is Expertise Identification?

Our expertise identification program is designed to get you to the expertise you need, but on your terms. That means no costly introduction fees and no agency involvement – just access to the people you need.

How it works:

 - You tell us about your vacancy/project and about the type of people/person you’re looking for
- We use our Right-Now People Search methodology, searching the entire web, our specialist networks and networking our way through different groups of people to identify individuals matching the profile you give us
- We reach out to those people, making sure that they are interested in hearing about new career opportunities (we don’t spam)
- We provide you with the details of the 15 best matches to your brief, for you to contact about your vacancy when you’re ready
- If there aren’t 15 strong matches to your brief available at the time we run our searches, we’ll switch on one of our expertise pipelines for you, free-of-charge, until you’ve seen 15 profiles, or we’ll run a full search project for you and return the money you’ve paid.

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What is Expertise Pipelining?

Expertise pipelining gives you access to the expertise you need, over the long-term – without needing to continually fork out expensive agency or search fees.

How it works:
- You give us the profile of the kind of person you’re looking for
- We use our people search methodology to set-up a real-time system of alerts, allowing us to see exactly when new expertise become visible on-line, or exactly when existing expertise begins a job-search and becomes interested in hearing about opportunities
- We constantly search and match against the profile you’ve given us, filtering out unsuitable profiles and contacting those who appear to fit your profile, making sure that it’s OK for you to contact them (we don’t spam)
- We provide you with details of those new profiles, on a real-time basis

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We’re not your average tech recruiter…we design all sorts of expertise attraction systems. So if you’re looking for something slightly different to the above, drop us a line and we’ll be happy to have a chat.