Advanced Job Search

If the socialisation of information has had a profound effect on recruiting, the effect it’s had on job-seeking is no less severe.

The modern jobseeker has seen a huge shift in the way job search works, characterised by:

- A massive move from paper-based advertising to on-line recruitment marketing
- A constant barrage of new on-line tools “that you should be using in your job search”
- A proliferation of the number and type of recruitment websites and adverts
- An intimidating, quick and fiercely competitive marketplace for talent
- The emergence of new “social” recruiting practices

This shift has had a startling effect on recruiters, who are increasingly finding they have wider and quicker access to the talent they are looking for.  The effect it’s had on job-seekers though is less positive.

According to a survey we carried out in mid-2010, 69% were using the internet and the internet alone when looking for new positions, yet 98% of people feel they would benefit from professional help with their on-line jobsearch.  94% said they found the process frustrating for one reason or another and 92% said that they felt that they could have found a job more quickly and easily had they had some guidance.

And this is despite the fact that some people find themselves – as a direct result of their on-line activities – constantly inundated with a variety of challenging and interesting opportunities, whether they are open to hearing about them or not, and whilst others have been able to establish huge networks of people who would be willing to engage with them.

That’s why we invented Advanced Job Search.

Advanced Job Search aims to take people from unemployed to employed and in-demand; from ex-employee to subject matter expert, from unknown to socially acclaimed.  It does this by demonstrating the power of the web for making connections, giving a voice and tracking down information, and by showcasing the tools and techniques that are needed for this strategy to work.

To help you achieve the transition, Advanced Job Search delivers training and coaching in five discrete areas:

- CVs
- Social Profiles
- Jobsites / CV Databases
- Individual Job Applications

- Personal websites
- Blogging
- Brand consistency
- Developing reputations and becoming an expert

- Social Networking
- Search Engine Optimisation

- Lead/Opportunity Generation
- Market Research
- Market Intelligence
- Decision-maker identification
- Making the approach

- Psychology & Mindset
- Interview Preparation
- Dealing with Recruiters

Each of these areas – if concentrated on in isolation – can transform a jobsearch.  The transition from job-seeker to job-getter/subject matter expert/industry authority  is only complete when all five areas are mastered.

Our Advanced Job Search programmes begin with a review of an individual’s strengths in each of these five areas, and the creation of an individual personal action plan.  We then provide extensive coaching and training (either in person or on-line, whichever suits everyone involved the best) in the areas identified, as well as providing a wealth of longer-term ideas and strategies.

To find out more, or to claim a free job search review, give us a call on 01604 808227 or drop us an e-mail.