What We Do

We are a next-generation people search and talent business. We help technology companies overcome challenging talent supply and attraction problems.

Our core areas of focus include:

Right-Now Talent Scouting & Recruiting
People search is no longer merely a case of “who you know”.  The socialisation of networks and information means it’s increasingly a case of “what you know”.  Using our talent scouting methodology, we search, scrape, twist and bend the web to connect companies with hard-to-find talent. 

Natural Language Technology
With a passion for language only rivalled by our passion for people search, we have developed the industry’s leading talent supply service for companies specialising in Natural Language technology.  We’re helping hundreds of companies, from start-ups to multinationals, navigate their way through this exciting talent space. 

People Sourcing Infrastructures
Got a complex talent problem that won’t go away?  Spending too much on one-off search fees?  One of our people-sourcing infrastructures can help.  We design, build and manage people-sourcing infrastructures that put you in front of the talent you need.  We show you how to manage your talent requirements and engage with the people you need, on an as-needed, real-time basis. 

Advanced Job Search
The socialisation of information and relationships has opened up a wealth of possbilities that were previously not thought possible.  With that comes increased complexity, and 2012′s jobseeker is faced with a confusing maze of complex tools and techniques, and advice that is typically overly basic.  Our Advanced Job Search programmes change all that.