Recruitment? I don’t believe in it…

Firstly let me assure you that it does exist and it’s here to stay.  Let me put some context on this.  I’m a Recruiter, I’ve been a Recruiter for over 15 years and I’m likely to be a Recruiter for the foreseeable future (I just don’t think I’m capable of doing anything else now).

Our poll: 84% of you prefer to go it alone than have our help….

I recently conducted a survey on LinkedIn which suggested that 84% of job seekers would rather apply direct to an employer than apply for a role through a 3rd party Recruiter / Agency.

This wasn’t a shocking result to me, although some of the justifications for not using a Recruiter made even my thick skin chafe a little (Am I really a Pimp? Do I really take a cut of your wages? Do I really have a vested interest in keeping a job seeker and employer apart?).  We’ll be talking a lot more about this research soon, but for now let’s focus on my wife.

So we were talking over dinner and I said to her (who to date I have resisted pimping out) “did you know that 84% of people would rather apply directly to a job than go through a recruiter?”, to which she responded “I agree.  In fact,  I don’t believe in Recruitment”.

And there I was in front of her… an actual Recruiter.

After much debate, it transpired that it’s not that she didn’t believe in Recruitment, just that the concept of being hired or hiring someone through a Recruiter was more of a necessary evil (Pimp, Thief and now Evil, it’s no wonder I’m such a hit with the ladies).  Her main issues were that she had to use a Recruiter because she wouldn’t know how to go about finding a new role if left to her own devices (does that make us Evil?).  She also had the misconception that if she was hired through a Recruiter that there would be more pressure for her to deliver above and beyond the job brief due to the costs associated with the hiring fee (do people really believe the time, man hours, cost to business is greatly reduced if a company runs a campaign in-house?)

Needless to say I’m now on a mission to educate the job seeking population and downgrade the perception of Evil, Pimp Thief, so when my children are asked what Daddy does for a living they don’t have to lie and pretend I’m something more socially acceptable such as a Politician or Traffic Warden…

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  1. Gary Wilson January 25, 2013 at 11:54 am #

    Hi Nick,

    Interesting post! there seems to be a social stigma against recruitment consultants as some are perceived as more self-serving and eccentrically driven, quite right given the extreme competitiveness of the industry yet it takes great skill to be different and stand out from the rest. From a candidates perspective I have contacted recruitment consultants in the past some locally recognised for their professionalism, warming and trustworthy approach however there was one in particular who when i initially called her seemed to be distracted by other conversations in the office and decided that the pressures and stress of me looking for a job was not as important as the office goss! It wasn’t until a couple of years later when that particular recruiter contacting me at my place of work, not knowing it was me of course ;) (sounding as if she was using every ounce of effort to string a sentence together masked with false enthusiasm). It turned out that she needed my help to get her foot through the door and gain involvement in the recruiting surge we had at the time, well I guess first impressions count so its needless to mention the outcome of that.

    I guess my point stands that recruiters now have the problems of developing social media which some companies urge potential candidates to tweet their CV’s to them cutting out the middle man, LinkedIn is practically a CV that potential employers have access too if they look hard enough. These days I assume it’s important for a recruiter to focus more effort, time and consideration into their candidates as well as their clients as my recent recruiter once told me ”I work hard for our candidates, provide the best service and absolute honesty because on day they may well be a client themselves”

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