New Look!

So here we are then! We know it’s taken a little while…so thanks for bearing with us as we put the finishing touches to our new web infrastructure. This new website has been long and hard in the making, as have the many new features, training materials, infomercials that are in the pipeline. We hope you’re going to like it.

So let’s give you a quick tour. The menu bar at the top of the page gives you access to the three main areas of our site: there’s the bit about our innovative people finding abilities (including details of our specialism in Natural Language Technology), the bit about how we can help you get better at people-finding, and the bit about how we can help you navigate your way through the complex world of on-line jobseeking.

Over there on the right you’ll see a list of our most recent posts. This is where you’ll see some of our latest training releases and tips/advice articles. We’re going to be launching a range of services and products soon, as this is where you’ll hear about it first.

Also to the right you’ll see a little search box with the title “Latest Jobs”. This is where you’ll find our Latest Jobs. Down the bottom, you’ll see a little search box inviting you to Search Jobs. We’ll leave you to figure out what that’s for. Now, we mean it when we say that we don’t advertise everything we work on, so if you’ve poked around that part and you think that we might be the kind of people you want to talk to, drop us a line, either via e-mail, or check out the little link saying “About”, where you can find individual contact details. We were particularly careful to add some funky filters to our mugshots, so hopefully you won’t be too put off.

So, with that low fanfare start, welcome, and thanks for sticking with us. Where we’re going only time will tell, but it’s going to be a lot of fun.


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