Expertise Identification

When you ask us to undertake an Expertise Identification project for you’ll get the 15 best potential candidates for your opening/project, delivered to your inbox, within 5 working days.

We’ll search every database, scrape every on-line profile, work our way through every network. With access to information about millions of people and the know-how to navigate our way through that data, you can enjoy easy access to the expertise you require, without any hefty introduction fees.

What you do with the information supplied is completely up to you and you can hire as many (or as few) of the candidates we highlight as you want.

And the best part of all…you can enjoy open access to the expertise you need for a flat, one-off fee of just £500.

The not-so-small print
Here’s the full details of how this service, and what we do:

- You’ll need to give us as good an idea of what you’re looking for as possible. At this point we’ll be able to highlight any potential problems we think we might encounter.
- Within 5 working days, you’ll get details of the 15 best potential candidates for your opening/project. You’ll get a CV (or a Social Profile), complete with contact details.
- If that’s not possible (and sometimes there just aren’t 15 available candidates), we’ll switch on one or our Expertise Pipelines for you free-of-charge, until you have 15.
- Once you have your profiles, it’s down to you to make contact with them. We will have confirmed with each candidate that it’s OK for you to get in touch with them and that they’re interested in hearing about new career opportunities within your area of business – but won’t have given them any specific information about you or your company.

For more information, or to get started, give us a call or drop us a note. We’d love to talk to you about your expertise needs.