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What We Do

We provide tech companies with access to the expertise they need to grow their businesses, and help tech job-seekers navigate the sometimes crazy job-hunting world.

  • Expertise Identification & Pipelining

    Want access to hard-to-find expertise but don't want to pay costly and inflexible introduction fees? Our expertise identification and pipelining team can help. Click here to find out how it works...

  • Careers in Natural Language Technology

    We specialise in people-finding in the Natural Language Technology market. Click here to sign up for our exclusive, free monthly digest of Natural Language opportunities.

  • Tech Job-Seeking in the Post-Apocalyptic Economy

    An overview of essential job-seeking tactics that will work - even in the toughest of markets. It's not 2009 any more, but this remains a great summary of essential advanced job search techniques.

We are a next-generation people search and recruiting services company in the tech industry. We identify, approach and attract hard-to-find expertise on behalf of world-class software companies, technology consulting firms and internationally-renowned end-user organisations.

Using a combination of our “right-now” expertise scouting methodology and our established pipelining infrastructure, we work with a diverse range of tech companies, helping them to overcome complex expertise attraction problems.

Typically, our customers face similar challenges: serious restrictions on their access to the expertise their businesses need to thrive. we allow them to continue to enjoy solving some of the world’s most demanding technical problems; we enjoy solving some of the world’s most demanding expertise supply problems.

We are also heavily involved in Advanced Jobseeker training: offering advice and practical solutions to people looking to harness the power of an increasingly open and social web in their jobseeking activities.